Best Paper Award 2017

ICACCI'17 Best Paper Awards - Congrats!

1st Best Paper: A Reduced-Complexity, Reduced-Power Camera System for Intrusion Classification in an Outdoor Setting
Tarun Choubisa, Sampad Mohanty, Kodur Krishna Chaitanya, Mohan Kashyap, Sridhar A, Akshay Singh and P Vijay Kumar

2nd  Best Paper: Scalable and parameterized hardware implementation of Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm over Prime Fields
Bhanu Panjwani

3rd  Best Paper(s): User Centered Energy Management Scheme for Smart Buildings
Athira K, Aryadevi Remanidevi Devidas, Maneesha Ramesh and Venkat Rangan

An Effective Way of Word-level Language Identification for Code-mixed Facebook comments using Word-Embedding via Character-embedding
Veena P v and Anand Kumar M