Co-affiliated Symposiums

Symposium Submission deadline Submission Link
Fifth International Symposium on Intelligent Informatics (ISI’17) July 9, 2017      EDAS Link
Fourth International Symposium on Computer Vision and the Internet (VisionNet’17) July 13, 2017      EDAS Link
Second Symposium on Advances in Applied Informatics (SAI’17) June 26, 2017      EDAS Link
Sixth Symposium on Natural Language Processing (NLP'17) June  20, 2017      EDAS Link
Fifth International Symposium on Women in Computing and Informatics (WCI'17) June  20, 2017      EDAS Link
Symposium on Recent Advances in Communication Theory, Information Theory, Antennas and Propagation (CIAP'17) June 25, 2017      EDAS Link
Second Symposium on Emerging Topics in Computing and Communications (SETCAC'17) July 5, 2017      EDAS Link
Fifth Symposium on Control, Automation, Industrial Informatics and Smart Grid (ICAIS'17) June 28, 2017      EDAS Link
Third International Symposium on Emerging Topics in Circuits and Systems (SET-CAS'17)  July 17, 2017 EDAS Link
Symposium on Applications of Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning in Networked Systems (ACMiNS) July 19, 2017 EDAS Link
Second Symposium on Bioinformatics and Bioforensics (SBB’17) June 27, 2017      EDAS Link
Fourth Symposium on Green Networks and Distributed Systems  (GNDS'17) July 31, 2017      EDAS Link
Symposium on Ensemble Networks and Software Engineering (SENSE'17) June 20, 2017      EDAS Link
Symposium on Wireless Sensor Technologies and Applications (WSTA’17) July 10, 2017 EDAS Link
Second Symposium on Signal Processing for Wireless and Multimedia Communications (SPWMC'17) TBA      EDAS Link
Second Symposium on Multimedia, Visualization and Human Computer Interaction (SMVH'17) TBA      EDAS Link
Symposium on VLSI Design and Embedded Computing (VDEC’17) June 25, 2017      EDAS Link
First International Symposium on Assistive Technologies for the Differently Abled July 13, 2017 EDAS Link
Workshop on Bioinspired modeling and Computational Neuroscience - From neurons, circuits to models and devices (BioCompNeuro'17) June 25, 2017 EDAS Link