ICACCI'18 Program:



1570469233 Curious to Click It?-Identifying Clickbait using Deep Learning and Evolutionary Algorithm Regular Paper
1570474298 Implementation of Artificial Neural Network on Raspberry Pi for Signal Processing Applications Regular Paper
1570474391 ARGoS based implementation of a multi-robot coordination algorithm Regular Paper
1570474399 A Population-based Approach for Load Balancing in Distributed Computing Systems Regular Paper
1570475045 An Effective Method For Hardware Multiplication Using Vedic Mathematics Regular Paper
1570477308 Load Balancing through Block Rearrangement Policy for Hadoop Heterogeneous Cluster Regular Paper
1570477544 A Hybrid Decision Support Model for Type II Diabetes Regular Paper
1570477684 Personality Identification Using Auditory Nerve Modelling of Human Speech Regular Paper
1570478828 Fuel Price Prediction Using RNN Regular Paper
1570455616 Multi-Objective Accelerated Particle Swarm Optimization Technique for Scientific workflows in IaaS cloud Regular Paper
1570455619 Sentiment based Food Classification for Restaurant Business Regular Paper
1570464731 Performance of Pattern Recognition Algorithms in Identifying Banking Networks Regular Paper
1570466216 Text to Image Translation using Generative Adversarial Networks Regular Paper
1570466772 Identification and grading of free hand sketches using Deep learning techniques Regular Paper
1570467572 Sleep Pattern Monitoring and Analysis to Improve the Health and Quality of Life of People Short Paper
1570474299 Implementation and Testing of Cyber Physical System in Laboratory for Precision Agriculture Short Paper
1570477832 English Multi-Word Expressions: A Tagset for Health Domain Short Paper
1570478795 A novel approach for handwriting recognition in Malayalam manuscripts using contour detection and Convolutional Neural Nets Short Paper