Title for the Tutorial: Agility vs Stability Paradox in Computing World

Date of Tutorial: September 15, 2017, 3pm

Arijit Sarbagna, Strategic Consultant on Agile, DevOps, Digital, Mobile & IoT - Transformation, Delivery, Enabling, Atos India

Abstract: Over a decade or more, the field of Information Technology has seen a wild spread of Agile Software Development (with its several associated spikes like – ScrumBan, DevOps, 2 Speed IT et al). This has not only created a huge wave of innovation, but also lot of contradicting philosophies (& debates). We do see questions (or confusions) on the need to have a stable infrastructure, whereas the rapid dynamics of market expects us to deliver fast. How do we manage a balance between these two spheres?  We will dive deep in to these areas and also understand how Agilie Software Delivery is moving to future.

The talk will cover below points for 60 Minutes:
o   Agility vs Stability Paradox in Computing World.
o   DevOps in Computing World
o   Agility in Informatics

Biography: Arijit comes with a mix of development, leadership and entrepreneurial background. In his career spanning around 20 years, he has not only worked on multiple technology stacks, but has also worked with multiple organizations in diversified roles and portfolios. He has been a keen Agile follower since his early development days with start-ups, and has passionately carried this practice to other organizations as well. Today Arijit works as General Manager with Atos India Pvt. Ltd. – playing the role of India Practice Head of Agile-DevOps and Mobile Development. Apart from this, he also takes keen interest in new technology development and has specific focus in the field of IoT.


Dr. Deepak Mishra, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology(IIST), Trivandrum

Abstract: Deep learning methods are now prevalent in the area of machine learning, and are now used invariably in many research areas. In recent years it received significant media attention as well. The influx of research articles in this area demonstrates that these methods are remarkably successful at a diverse range of tasks. Namely self driving cars, new kinds of video games, AI, Automation, object detection and recognition, surveillance tracking etc.

The proposed tutorial aims at introducing the foundations of Deep learning to various professionals.

BROAD TOPICS THAT WILL BE discussed in the tutorial are:
        * Basics of Neural Networks and Convolution Neural Network applications
        * Discussion Alexnet and VGG architectures for recognition

Biography: Having done his B.E., in Electrical Engg. (2000) BIT Durg, and M Tech in Instrumentation (2003) from Devi Ahilya University Indore, Dr. Mishra pursued his PhD at IIT Kanpur (2007) in the Electrical Engg. Department.

His Thesis title was "Novel Biologically Inspired Neural Network Models". Later He joined as a postdoc researcher at the University of Louisville, KY, USA in the field of signal processing and system neuroscience. After a brief stint 2009-2010 as a senior software engineer at CMC limited Hyderabad. He opted to work as an academic faculty at Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Trivandrum in 2010 and continued to work as Associate Professor in the department of Avionics. He is responsible for both research and teaching UG and PG students, moreover he was the coordinator for MTech program in Digital Signal Processing and developed a Virtual Reality center of excellence during his stay at IIST. He was also awarded Young Scientist award from System Society of India for his research work in the year 2012. His research interest includes Neural networks and Machine learning, Computer vision and Graphics, Image and Video Processing. He has published research papers both in International and National Journal of repute and presented his research work in various international and national conferences.