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Accepted Papers & Statistics

Number of Submissions: 165
Acceptance Rate: 32.7

List of Registered Papers as on 15 June 2012

1569602413       Malayalam Offline Handwritten Recognition using Probabilistic Simplified Fuzzy ARTMAP
1569602801       Self Adaptive Gesture Classifier Using Fuzzy Classifiers With Entropy Based Rule Pruning
1569605581       A Novel Fuzzy Sensing Model for Sensor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Network
1569605743       Cloud Extraction and Removal in Aerial and Satellite Images
1569605803       Selective Parameters based Image Denoising Method
1569606311       Extracting Extended Web Logs to Identify the Origin of Visits and Search Keywords
1569606325       Integrating Global and Local Application of Discriminative Multinomial Bayesian Classifier for Text Classification
1569606537       Retraining Mechanism for On-line Peer-to-Peer Traffic Classification
1569606549       Parameterizable Decision Tree Classifier on NetFPGA
1569607123       Mining Top-K Frequent Correlated Subgraph Pairs in Graph Databases
1569607165       Development of a Bilingual Parallel Corpus of Arabic and Saudi Sign Language
1569607181       A Filter tree approach to protect Cloud Computing against XML DDoS and HTTP DDoS attack
1569607367       Cloud based Heterogeneous Distributed Framework
1569607617       Novel Monitoring Mechanism for Distributed System Software using Mobile Agents
1569608059       An Enhanced Load Balancing Technique for Efficient Load Distribution in Cloud-Based IT Industries
1569608093       Comparison of Question Answering Systems
1569608207       Fuzzy Aided Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to solve Optimization Problem
1569608421       3D360: Automated Construction of Navigable 3D models from surrounding real environments
1569608485       Investigation on Context-Aware Service Discovery in Pervasive Computing Environments
1569608611       Investigation on the Probability of Ferroresonance Phenomenon Occurrence in Distribution Voltage Transformers Using ATP Simulation
1569608883       PASA: Privacy-Aware Security Algorithm for Cloud Computing
1569608893       Speaker Independent Word Recognition using Cepstral Distance Measurement
1569609111       Multimodal Biometric Authentication based on Score Normalization Technique
1569609143       Investigation of Short Base Line Lightning Detection System by Using Time of Arrival Method
1569609265       Evolutionary Approach for Classifier Ensemble: An Application to Bio-molecular Event Extraction
1569609283       A probabilistic model for Sign Language Translation Memory
1569609313       Wavelet Packet based Mel Frequency Cepstral Features for Text Independent Speaker Identification
1569609373       A Novel Clustering Approach using Shape Based Similarity
1569609395       A Novel Approach to Build Image Ontology Using Texton
1569609811       Causal Maps for Explanation in Multi-Agent System
1569609911       Provenance Based Web Search
1569610061       A Fuzzy Logic System for Detecting Ping Pong Effect Attack in IEEE 802.15.4 Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Network
1569610293       A Rule-Based Approach for Extraction of Link-Context from Anchor-Text Structure
1569610307       An approach to Identify n-wMVD for Eliminating Data Redundancy
1569610477       Refining Research Citations through Context Analysis
1569610505       Knowledge Discovery using Associative Classification for Heart Disease Prediction
1569610515       Assessing Novelty of Research Articles using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
1569610553       Real Time Animated Map Viewer (AMV)
1569610585       Software-Based Malaysian Sign Language Recognition
1569610595       An Application of K-means Clustering for Improving Video Text Detection
1569610615       A Novel Community Detection Algorithm for Privacy Preservation in Social Networks
1569610641       Testing an Agent Based E-Novel System - Role Based Approach
1569610649       Protein Secondary Structure Prediction using Machine Learning
1569610665       Optimised computational visual attention model for robotic cognition
1569610675       Design of SCFDMA system using MIMO
1569610737       Transform for Simplified Weight Computations in the Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
1569610763       Differentiated Service Based on Reinforcement Learning In Wireless Networks
1569608771       Comparative genomics with Multi-agent Systems
1569610353       Diagnosing multiple faults in Dynamic Hybrid Systems
1569610597       A New Approach to Overcome Problem of Congestion in Wireless Networks
1569610769       Towards an Intelligent Decision Making Support
1569608947       Hierarchical Particle Swarm Optimization for the Design of Beta Basis Function Neural Network
1569610713       CoreIIScheduler: Scheduling Tasks in a Multi-core-based Grid Using NSGA-II Technique
1569610771       An Algorithm for Headline & Column Separation in Bangla Documents