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Accepted Papers & Statistics

Number of Submissions: 657
Acceptance Rate: 30.9%

Geographical Coverage (ICACCI'12 & ISI'12)

Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, New Zealand, Oman, P.R. China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Taiwan, Tunisia, UAE, United Kingdom, USA

List of Registered Papers as on 15 June 2012

1569544559     Skin Melanoma Segmentation by Morphological approach
1569548283     FPGA based Computing Displacement of Moving Object in a Real Time Video
1569548765     An Efficient Sleep Protocol for Lifetime Enhancement in Multi Covered and Multi Connected WSNs
1569550161     Sentiment Dictionary for Effective Detection of Web Users' Opinion
1569550195     Advanced Adaptive Call Admission Control for Mobile Cellular Networks: Cell Breathing, Load Shedding and Bandwidth Degradation
1569551629     Analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF Under Nonsaturation Conditions
1569552923     Evaluation of Mobile Games Using Playability Heuristics
1569553095     Identity Anonymization and Secure Data Storage Using Group Signature in Private Cloud
1569553117     Parameter-lite Clustering Algorithm based on MST and Fuzzy Similarity Merging
1569553305     Improving the Energy Efficiency of Power Line Communications by Spectrum Sensing
1569553629     Implementation of Dictation System for Malayalam Office Document
1569553653     Fractional Fourier Transform:A Survey
1569554955     Performance Analysis of Cross Layer Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
1569556137     Tuning Transmission Opportunity (TXOP) Limits for Providing Bit-based Fairness in IEEE 802.11p V2I Networks
1569556259     A Comprehensive Machine Learning Approach to Prognose Pulmonary Disease From Home
1569556335     Detecting Dependencies in an Anonymized Dataset
1569556579     Dominators VS Pure Dominators on the Accuracy of a Classifier with A Multi Objective Cultural Algorithm
1569564385     Reformulation of Telugu Web Query Using Word Semantic Relationships
1569565963     Resolving Rate Anomaly in IEEE 802.11p Multi-rate Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Networks Using TXOP Differentiation
1569571855     Intelligent Tutoring Systems: A New Proposed Structure
1569573757     A Hybrid Embedded Steganography Technique: Optimum Pixel Method and Matrix Embedding
1569574561     Palmprint Identification Based on Wide Principal Lines
1569575655     An Effective Unsupervised Network Anomaly Detection Method
1569576283     Multi-Normalization: A New Method for Improving Biometric Fusion
1569577261     Experiments on POS tagging and Data driven Dependency Parsing for Telugu Language
1569577467     Diversity Coded Directed Diffusion for WSN
1569577487     n-Gram Modeling Of Relevant Features For Lip-Reading
1569577521     Temporal Characteristics of Clustering in Mobile Ad Hoc Network
1569578091     A Rate Adaptive and Multipath Routing Protocol to Support Video Streaming in MANETs
1569578151     Exploiting Second Order Statistics of the Received Signals in AF Relay Cooperative Network for Compound Channel Estimation
1569578181     Performance Comparision of M-DCSK Scheme in MIMO Nakagami Channels with and Without Diversity Combining
1569578183     Capacity Analysis of LMF Channels Under Different Adaptation Policies with and without Diversity Combining
1569578293     Certificateless Strong Designated Verifier Multisignature Scheme Using Bilinear Pairings
1569578391     Upper and Lower Bound Analysis of the OFDM system impaired by CFO over slow fading channels
1569578775     Hierarchically clustered technical blogs
1569578867     An Efficient DoG Based Fingerprint Enhancement Scheme
1569579077     An Efficient Approach for Generating Frequent Patterns Without Candidate Generation
1569579143     Hardware-Software Co-Design of AES on FPGA
1569579221     Microstrip Patch Antenna Combining Crown and Sierpinski Fractal-Shapes
1569579505     Applicability of Data Mining Algorithms for Recommendation System in E-Learning
1569579551     On-line Hindi Handwritten Character Recognition for Mobile Devices
1569579569     Error Management and Detection in Computer Networks Using Bloom Filters
1569579711     A New Multi-agent System for Video Objects Segmentation and Tracking Based on Spatio-temporal Descriptor"
1569579859     Current Differencing Buffered Amplifier an Active Element: A Review of Recent Developments
1569580511     Auto-Clever Fuzzy (ACF) Based Intelligent System For Monitoring And Controlling The Hydrocarbons -Air Toxics Emitted By The Vehicle Motors
1569580791     Mining of Classification Patterns in Clinical Data through Data Mining Algorithms
1569580805     Feature Based Retrieval for Animation Video
1569580905     Load Balancer for Energy Efficient Clustering Protocol in MANETs
1569581199     Cloud Computing: From Hype to Reality. Fast Tracking Cloud Adoption
1569581501     An Energy Efficient Audio Compression Scheme Using Wavelet with Dynamic Difference Detection Technique in Wireless Sensor Network
1569581579     Image Retrieval Using Local and Global Properties of Image Regions with Relevance Feedback
1569581589     Neuro-Fuzzy Expert System for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
1569582387     Analysis of Double Edge Triggered Clocked Storage Elements
1569583217     Wireless Charging of Lighting Gadgets Using Low Q Resonant Coupling
1569583821     The Study of Different Similarity Measure Techniques in Recognition of Handwritten Characters
1569583911     The Current State of Art - Handwriting a Behavioral Biometric for Person Identification and Verification
1569583955     Removal and Interpolation of Missing Values using Wavelet Neural Network for Heterogeneous Data Sets
1569583961     Sampling Correctly for Improving Classification Accuracy: A Hybrid Higher Order Neural Classifier (HHONC) Approach
1569583975     Securing Fingerprint Images Using a Hybrid Technique
1569584009     Genetic Algorithm Combined with Support Vector Machine for Building an Intrusion Detection System
1569584109     VLSI Architectures for Lifting Based DWT -A Detailed Survey
1569584117     High Speed VLSI implementation of Lifting Based DWT
1569584165     Time Based Agent Garbage Collection Algorithm for Multicore Architectures
1569584491     Optimized Trace Transform Based Content Based Image Retrieval Algorithm
1569584531     A Swarm Intelligence based distributed localization technique for Wireless Sensor Network
1569584567     A DCT-SVD Based Robust Watermarking Scheme for Grayscale Image
1569584569     Selection of Evolutionary Approach based Hybrid Data Mining Algorithms for Decision Support Systems and Business Intelligence
1569584577     Divergence Patterns in Machine Translation Between Malayalam and English
1569584801     Synthesis of Sustainability and Secureness of Software in Public Applications Using Deductive-Nomological Model
1569584885     FPGA Design and Implementation of Truncated Multipliers Using Bypassing Technique
1569584927     Identification, Authentication and Tracking Algorithm for Vehicles Using VIN in Distributed VANET
1569585079     Neighbour based structural proximity measures for ontology matching systems
1569585133     Symmetric key based Blocked Oriented Digital Enveloping
1569585187     Medical image thresholding using WQPSO and Maximum Entropy
1569585219     Performance Evaluation of Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC Encoder
1569585229     Cloudpress 2.0: A Next Generation News Retrieval System on the Cloud with a Built-in Summarizer
1569585273     Fixed Point Results of Transcendental Superior Antifractals
1569585483     Formal Verification Methodology Considerations for Network on Chips
1569585745     Inference of Peer Temperament in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks by Creating a Virtual Multi Layer Structure
1569585747     A Framework for Preserving Privacy in Cloud Computing with User Service Dependent Identity
1569585801     Error Encoding and Decoding Model Over Communication Channel for Synthesis of Proteins From DNA Sequences
1569585805     A Survey on Various Improvements of Hybrid Zone Routing Protocol in MANET
1569585841     Semantic Broken Link Detection Using Structured Tagging Scheme
1569585853     Detecting Epileptic Seizures Using Electroencephalogram: A Novel Frequency Domain Feature Extraction Technique for Seizure Classification Using Fast ANFIS
1569585933     A Hybrid Defense Mechanism for DDoS Attacks Using Cluster Analysis in MANET
1569585941     SenSim: Sentence Similarity Based on the Concept of Relevance
1569585993     Example-based Single Image Enhanced Up-sampling
1569586019     Resource Optimization for Processing of Stream Data in Data Warehouse Environment
1569586073     Modified Weight Function Based Network Selection Algorithm for 4G Wireless Networks
1569586081     An Algorithm for Fuzzy-Based Sentence-level Document Clustering for Micro-level Contradiction Analysis
1569586097     Evaluation of Approaches for Designing Secure Data Warehouse
1569586145     Far Efficient K-Means Clustering Algorithm
1569586155     Flexible Power Consumption Management in Smart Homes
1569586165     capacity planning of telemedicine network through molecular assembly
1569586169     Scheduling Using Improved Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing for Independent Tasks
1569586177     Finding Gene Coherent Patterns Using PATSUB+
1569586189     Towards Improving Automatic Image Annotation Using Improvised Fractal SMOTE Approach
1569586201     Performance Evaluation of Regular Cycle Non-Binary LDPC Codes in AWGN Channel
1569586203     On Energy Consumption Analysis for Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
1569586227     Correlation Based Multi-Document Summarization for Scientific Articles and News Group
1569586233     A Novel Software System to Facilitate Better and Easier Communication for People with Speaking Disabilities
1569586255     Low Power, Energy Efficient Pipelined Multiply and Accumulate Architecture
1569586303     Recognition of Vocal Emotions From Acoustic Profile
1569586343     A Novel Algorithm for PAPR Reduction in LTE System
1569586433     Efficient Two Dimensional Clustering of Microarray Gene Expression Data By Means Of Hybrid Similarity Measure
1569586467     Monogenic Scale Space Based Region Covariance Matrix Descriptor: An Efficient and Accurate Face Recognition Algorithm
1569586477     A Particle Swarm Optimization Method for Tuning the Parameters of Multiscale Retinex Based Color Image Enhancement
1569586575     Text Extraction From Videos Using a Hybrid Approach
1569586581     Efficient Dynamic Itinerary and Memory Allocation for Mobile Agents
1569586601     Pricing Models and Pricing Schemes of IaaS Providers: A Comparison Study
1569586615     Enhancement of Co-Authorship Networks with Content-Similarity Information
1569586643     Efficient Method for Noise Removal Techniques and Video Object Segmentation Using Color Based Fuzzy C Means
1569586709     An Approach towards Dynamic Assembling of Learning Objects
1569586773     A Self Learning Rough Fuzzy Neural Network Classifier for Mining Temporal Patterns
1569586775     V2C: A Secure Vehicle to Cloud Framework for Virtualized and On-Demand Service Provisioning
1569586819     Simulation of Respiratory System Under Normal, Hypoxia and Hypercapnia Condition
1569586827     N-ary tree based key distribution in a Network as a Service provisioning model
1569586839     A Review on Binarization Algorithms for Camera Based Natural Scene Images
1569586861     Novel Approach Based Feature Extraction for Marathi Continuous Speech Recognition
1569586933     Authenticated and Persistent Skip Graph: A Data Structure for Cloud Based Data- Centric Applications
1569587093     Efficient Privacy-preserving Data Distribution in Outsourced Environments: A Fragmentation-based Approach
1569587141     Web Data Mining Trends and Techniques
1569587253     Lifetime Extension of Wireless Sensor Network by selecting two Cluster Heads and hierarchical routing
1569587369     Intelligent Intrusion Detection System Using Fuzzy Rough Set Based C4.5 Algorithm
1569587825     Online Differential Charging for Blended Services Using Service Capability Interaction Manager in IMS Network
1569587829     Ultra low power device to track environmental sensitive items in transit
1569587837     Handwritten Character Recognition System Using a Simple Feature
1569587891     Detection and Measurement of Bimalleolar Fractures Using Harris Corner
1569587895     Use of Higher Order Spectrum in characterizing Nonlinear Interactions in Human Brain Signals
1569587899     Secret Information Display Based Technique Towards Preventing Phishing Attacks
1569587947     An Evaluation of Clustering Technique Over Intrusion Detection System
1569587959     Protecting Web Applications From SQL Injection Attacks by Using Framework and Database Firewall
1569587969     Object Detection in Video Using Lorenz Information Measure and Discrete Wavelet Transform
1569587993     Locating and Monitoring Emergency Responder using a Wearable Device
1569588011     Adaptive Time Synchronization for VHT Wireless LAN
1569588021     Genetic Algorithm Based Airlines Booking Terminal Open/ Close Decision System
1569588049     A Novel Framework for Enterprise Web Services Change Management
1569588059     Performance Comparison and Node Failure Assessment of Energy Efficient Two Level Balanced and Progressive Sensor Networks
1569588125     An Improved Secure Code Encryption Approach Based on Indexed Table
1569588137     Clustering and Classifying Informative Attributes Using Rough Set Theory
1569588151     Control of Computer Process Using Image Processing and Computer Vision for Low-Processing Devices
1569588153     FPGA Based Sliding Window Architecture for RC5 Encryption
1569588155     Enhanced Emergency Communication Using Mobile Sensing and MANET
1569588157     Palmprint Feature Extraction Approach Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and Orthogonal Moments
1569588201     An Efficient and Secure Key Agreement Scheme Using Physiological Signals in Body Area Networks
1569588209     Resource Efficient Survivability Approach for Resilient WDM Optical Networks
1569588319     Web Analytics and Metrics: A Survey
1569588351     A Novel Approach for Developing JXTA Peer-to-Peer Computing Systems Using Aspect-Oriented Programming Methodologies
1569588409     Privacy Rights Management in Multiparty Multilevel DRM System
1569588571     Block PIC Technique for Synchronous CI/MC-CDMA System Using Neural Network
1569588609     A Novel AES-256 Implementation on FPGA Using Co-processor Based Architecture
1569588625     Active Machine Learning Technique for Named Entity Recognition
1569588843     Multimodal Pattern Oriented Software Architecture for Self-Optimization and Self-Configuration in Autonomic Computing System Using Multi Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
1569588885     A Compact Feature Set for Recognition of Handwritten Numerals and Vowels in the Kanarese Script
1569589041     Task Scheduling Using ACO-BP Neural Network in Computational Grids
1569589123     Source based Trusted AODV Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad hoc Networks
1569589225     A Fault Tolerant Approach for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network
1569589247     Multi-modal biometric approach to enable high security in mobile adhoc network
1569589251     Layered Approach for Intrusion Detection Using Naïve Bayes Classifier
1569589277     PAPR Reduction for OFDM Systems Using Clipping and Square Rooting Techniques
1569589439     Efficient Evaluation of Partial Path Queries Over a XML Compact Storage Structure
1569589467     Network Intrusion Detection System Using Genetic Network Programming with Support Vector Machine
1569591869     The Role of Psychophysics Laws in Quality of Experience Assessment - A Video Streaming Case Study
1569596601     A New Algorithm Based on Complex Wavelet Transform for Protein Sequence Classification
1569597973     Shift-invariant Texture Retrieval Using P- Contourlet
1569599403     Directional Line Edge Binary Pattern for Texture Image Indexing and Retrieval
1569599481     Distributed Frequent Itemset Mining Framework for Incremental Data Using MPI-style WSRF Services
1569600327     A Linear After-load Model for a Cardio-vascular Pulse Duplicator
1569600385     Improved Edge Preserving Lossy Image Compression Using Wavelet Transform
1569600747     An Evaluation of Hospital Information Systems Integration Approaches
1569600859     Towards a Unified 3D Animated Dictionary for Saudi Sign Language
1569601023     Implementation of Private Cloud at IIT Roorkee: An Initial Experience
1569601045     Methodology to Visualize Electronic Health Record for Chronic Diseases on Small Display Screens
1569601067     A Study on Damping Profile for Prosthetic Knee
1569601077     An Improved Biased Random Sampling Algorithm for Load Balancing in Cloud Based Systems
1569601187     Higher Layer Issues in Cognitive Radio Network
1569601297     Securing Cloud Infrastructure Against Co-Resident DoS Attacks Using Game Theoretic Defense Mechanisms
1569601563     A New Combined Method for Character Recognizing in Farsi Printed Scripts Using PCA
1569601607     Performance Evaluation of Subspace Methods to Tackle Small Sample Size Problem in Face Recognition
1569601977     Cloud-based B2B Systems Integration for Small-and-Medium-sized Enterprises
1569601981     Ranking Importance Based Information on the World Wide Web
1569602025     Identification of optimal cluster centroid of multi-variable functions for Clustering Concept-drift Categorical Data
1569602075     A Three Phase Mental Task Classification Using EEG
1569603019     Morphar+: An Effective Arabic Morphosyntatic Analyzer
1569604323     A Novel Framework for Preserving Privacy of Data Using Correlation Analysis
1569604331     A Secure Packet Marking Scheme for IP Traceback in IPv6
1569604341     A Classification Based Framework for Privacy Preserving Data Mining
1569608337     Subject and Object Identification in Malayalam Text
1569608599     Morphological Analyzer and Generator for Tulu Language: A Novel Approach
1569608621     Active Learning Technique for Biomedical Named Entity Extraction
1569608765     Analysis and Evaluation of Stemming Algorithms: A Case Study with Assamese
1569608819     A Deconverter Framework for Malayalam
1569608955     An Approach to Summarizing Bengali News Documents
1569609867     Hexagonal Groups Based Key Management Using Deployment Knowledge in Wireless Sensor Networks
1569615717     Sybil Resilient Identity Distribution in P2P Networks