Call for Paper

Papers on original works are solicited from prospective authors. The major tracks of the symposium are:

1. Circuit Theory and Simulations
2. Emerging Devices and Technologies
3. Emerging Systems and Applications

The program for SET-CAS 2016 covers a range of topics including but not limited to:

• Analog Integrated Circuits
• Analog Signal Processing
• Blind Signal Processing
• Brain Machine Interface
• Circuits and Systems for Communication and Information Technologies
• Circuits and Systems for Trusted Communications and Computing
• Circuits and Systems for CR/SDR Applications
• Circuits, Systems and Algorithms for Compressive Sensing
• Computer and Processor Architecture
• Computer-Aided Network Design
• Computing in Emerging Technologies
• Content-aware Visual Systems
• Computational and Smart Cameras
• Delta-Sigma Converters
• Distributed Power Generation Systems
• Digital Integrated Circuits
• Digital Signal Processing
• Digital System Design
• Distributed Sensor Networks and Systems
• Electronic Design Automation
• Energy-Secure Systems
• Energy-Efficient Circuits and Systems
• Embedded System and Software
• Fractional-Order Circuits and Systems
• Graph Theory and Computing
• Heterogeneous nano-circuits and systems
• Low-Voltage Low-Power Circuits
• Multiple-Valued Logic and Applications
• Memristors
• Microwatts Wireless Technologies
• Multimedia Systems and Applications
• Nanoelectronics and Gigascale Systems
• Neural Systems and Applications
• New Interconnect Technologies in On-Chip Communication
• Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
• Neuromorphic Systems
• Neural Circuits
• Optoelectronics and Laser Technology
• Power Systems and Power Electronic Circuits
• Reconfigurable Architectures
• Realization of Internet of Things
• System-Level Synthesis
• Solid-state Memristive Devices and Systems
• Telemedicine
• Ultra Low-Power Body Sensor Networks
• Variation-aware Design for Nanoscale VLSI Circuits
• Visual Signal Processing and Communications
• VLSI Systems and Applications