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Accepted Papers

1569756395  Grid Tie Inverter Based Interfacing Model and Its Design
1569767111  Design Modeling and Simulation of Low Voltage Squirrel Cage Induction Motor for Medium Weight Electric Vehicle
1569767661  Design, Development and Testing of MEMS Based Seismometer for Space Application
1569767833  Model-Based Engineering of Cyber-Physical Software Systems for Smart Worlds: A Case Study of Automobile Control Systems
1569760235  Position Control of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Adaptive Backstepping Technique
1569768335  A Novel Digital Controller for Microstepping Stepper Motor Drive Using FPGA for Solar Array Drive Assembly in Satellites–A Comparison with Alternative Schemes
1569769651  3D Tools for the Robust Design Optimization of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
1569771869  Enhancing Effectiveness and Reducing Time of System Validation for Interactive Multimedia LED TV
1569772725  Angular Measurement Using MEMS Digital Gyroscope with PIC and LabVIEW Interface for Space Applications
1569764063  Advanced Estimator Based Sensorless BLDC Motor Control
1569768035  Evaluation of Different PWM Techniques for Two Level Inverter in Grid Connected WECS
1569769847  On Electrical Load Disaggregation Using Factor Graphs
1569772767  Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems Using Dynamic-Routh's Stability Criterion: A New Approach