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Accepted Papers

Number of Submissions: 111

Accepted Regular Papers: 24

Accepted Work-in-Progress: 15

1569703653 A More Efficient and Secure Authentication Scheme Over Insecure Networks Using Smart Cards
1569746547 Random Key and Key Dependent S-Box Generation for AES Cipher to Overcome Known Attacks
1569748499 A Novel Approach for a Hardware-based Secure Process Isolation in an Embedded System
1569759435 On Pseudo-random Number Generation Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
1569766253 A Combined Crypto-steganographic Approach for Information Hiding in Audio Signals Using Sub-band Coding, Compressive Sensing and Singular Value Decomposition
1569770129 A Chaos Based Method for Efficient Cryptographic S-Box Design
1569770239 A Multicast Authentication Protocol (MAP) for Dynamic Multicast Groups in Wireless Networks
1569771083 Robust BPSO and Scene Change Based Digital Video Watermarking Algorithm in DWT-DFT-SVD Domain
1569771515 Slide Attacks Against Iterated Hill Ciphers
1569772909 Hand Vein Authentication System Using Dynamic ROI
1569772913 Vein Pattern Indexing Using Texture and Hierarchical Decomposition of Delaunay Triangulation
1569754469 Emulating a High Interaction Honeypot to Monitor Intrusion Activity
1569764577 Signature Embedding in the Functional Description of Reversible Circuit
1569766439 Detecting Laser Fault Injection for Smart Cards Using Security Automata
1569766699 Exploiting Functional Models to Assess the Security Aspect in Embedded System Design
1569767671 Virtual World Authentication Using the Smart Card Web Server
1569768853 Design of CAPTCHA Script for Indian Regional Websites
1569769787 A Survey of Traditional and Cloud Specific Security Issues
1569770355 Clustering Based on Trust of a Node in Mobile Ad Hoc NETworks
1569770541 A Novel Approach for Monitoring SQL Anti-Forensic Attacks Using Pattern Matching for Digital Forensic Investigation
1569772517 Efficient Hierarchical Key Management Scheme Based on Polynomial Construction
1569773277 Short Attribute-Based Group Signature Without Random Oracles with Attribute Anonymity
1569768915 Monitoring Information Leakage in a Web Browser
1569763751 Security Analysis of An Efficient Smart Card-based Remote User Authentication Scheme using Hash Function
1569763813 Formal Security Verification of A Dynamic Password-Based User Authentication Scheme for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks
1569726321 VM Profile Based Optimized Network attack Pattern Detection Scheme For DDOS Attacks in Cloud
1569753215 Implementation and embellishment of Prevention of Keylogger Spyware Attacks
1569756817 Data Anonymization According to the Combination of Attributes on Social Network Sites
1569757103 Secure Multimedia Transmission In P2P Using Recurrence Relation And Evolutionary Algorithm
1569765423 Hybrid Approach for Improvising Credit Card Fraud detection Based on Collective Animal Behaviour and SVM
1569768333 Recent Trends in Collection of Software Forensics Artifacts: Issues and Challenges
1569768855 Service Dependencies-Aware Policy Enforcement Framework Based on Hierarchical Colored Petri Net
1569770057 Securing Biometric Data with Visual Cryptography and Steganography
1569770109 Forensics Analysis of Sandboxie Artifacts
1569771127 An Improved Secure Communication Scheme using Adaptive Parameter Synchronization
1569771261 A Side view Based Video in Video Watermarking Using DWT and Hilbert Transform
1569771959 Malware Detection using API function frequency with ensemble based classifier
1569772951 Privacy Issues In Single And Multi-Hop Wireless Mesh Networks
1569773107 Scalable key transport protocol using Chinese remainder theorem