Keynote Speakers

Prof. Gregorio Martinez Perez, University of Murcia (UMU), Spain

Title of Talk: Enabling Self-Management in 5G Networks: the SELFNET EU Project Perspective

Gregorio Martinez Perez received a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at the University of Murcia (Spain). In 1997 he started to work in the Computer Service of the same University on various projects related to security and networking. In 1999 he started as research staff in the Department of Information and Communications Engineering of the University of Murcia. This year he has been appointed as Full Professor in the same department. His scientific activity is mainly devoted to security and network and service management. He is also working on the design and autonomic monitoring of real-time and critical applications and systems and cloud computing scenarios. He is working on different national (14 in the last decade) and European IST research projects (9 in the last decade) related to these topics. As part of these projects he is collaborating with different universities, companies and research centres across Europe. He has published more than 130 papers in national and international conference proceedings, magazines and journals. Gregorio has been guest editing several special issues in different journals and magazines. He is member of the editorial board of 14 journals and member of the review board of more than 20 high level journals and magazines. More information at

Talk description: 5G has been defined as an end-to-end ecosystem with the main intention of enabling a full mobile and connected society. This definition is imposing a high number of challenges in, at least, these three planes: radio, network, and operations and management. This talk will be considering this last part and describing how a self-management perspective can fit into the control plane of 5G networks. When considering self-management, we refer to self-configuring, self-healing, self-optimising, and self-protecting all of then related to both the network and the services being provided on top of this network. The SELFNET EU project, which will be presented in details during this talk and which is part of the 5G-PPP EU initiative, is considering as running use cases the last three ones, as well as a composed and coordinated use case integrating all of them.

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