Instructions for Authors of Accepted Papers

Please revise your paper carefully according to the comments of the reviewers. Papers must be formatted according to the guidelines of Springer Communications in Computer and Information Science (CCIS) Series. Failure to do so may result in the exclusion of your paper from the proceedings. Please read the authors' instructions carefully before preparing your papers.

Each paper is allowed to have 12 pages in the final camera-ready copy. However extra page charges will be applicable for papers exceeding 9 pages.

Before uploading your camera ready paper, please:

Important Steps

1.Complete your registration.

The instructions for completing your registration are posted at

2. Logon to EDAS and choose your paper.

3. Upload your Camera ready paper (Final Manuscript) in PDF format on EDAS.

4. Upload the source files of your camera ready paper (WORD or Latex) on EDAS. All Latex files should be submitted as a single zipped file.

The camera ready paper should be formatted according to the Springer template. This template can be downloaded here:

5. Submit the copyright form in PDF or image formats from the "Copyright" column in the My papers table or the individual paper page of EDAS.
Each contribution must be accompanied by a Springer copyright form. One author may sign on behalf of all of the authors of a particular paper. In this case, the author signs for and accepts responsibility for releasing the material on behalf of any and all co-authors.

Download Copyright Form

Please make sure that you have entered the following details in the copyright form: