Accepted Papers

1570153391 A Computational Framework for Tamil Document Classification using Random Kitchen Sink
1570102489 Document Clustering for Assamese Language
1570145309 Children Story Classification based on Structure of the Story
1570140821 AGRI-QAS Question-Answering System for Agriculture Domain
1570152429 Semi-Automated Information Extraction from Unstructured Threat Advisories
1570143061 Relative Clause based Text Simplification for Improved English to Hindi Translation
1570151223 Kannada Text Summarization Using Latent Semantic Analysis
1570152879 Author Identification based on Word Distribution in Word Space
1570150451 Robust Speech Separation Based On CNN-PUDBNN Model
1570148719 Raga Identification Based on Normalized Note Histogram Features
1570151757 Multilingual Speech to Speech MT based chat system
1570152573 Voice conversion: Wavelet based residual selection
1570153365 Statistical tagger for Bhojpuri(Employing Support Vector Machine)
1570149225 A Hybrid Parts Of Speech Tagger for Malayalam Language
1570134743 Culling Scientific and Technical Terms (STTs) from Corpora for Compiling Termbank
1570149207 A Synchronised Tree Adjoining Grammar for English to Tamil Machine Translation
1570152023 Improved Document Similarity Approach with Word Sense Disambiguation
1570142023 Hindi to Malayalam translation issues in building a parallel corpora
1570143183 Verb Mapping: A Dilemma in Sanskrit-Hindi Machine Translation
1570148675 Part-Of-Speech Tagging Of Gujarati Text
1570141879 Word Sense Disambiguation for Assamese language using Simplified LESK
1570101131 Sentiment Analysis of Malayalam Film Review Using Machine Learning Techniques
1570152585 Genre Specific Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis of Movie Reviews
1570148651 Mining Defect Reports for Predicting Software Maintenance Effort
1570153661 Author identification using a large set of features