Internet of Things: Grand Vision, Major Challenges, and Strategic Research Agenda


Besides connecting billions of computers, mobile devices and people, the Internet is now poised to connect 'things' such as cars, sensors, controllers, TVs, machinery, and electrical appliances, creating Internet of Things (IoT) – also called Internet of Everything, Internet of Anything. IoT, considered as the next big thing in IT, facilitates deployment many new applications and services that were unimaginable till recently. It’s bound to reengineer and transform everything -- business, industry, healthcare, and personal and social life – again, as computers, mobile devices and the Internet have done.

This tutorial will provide a brief holistic introductory overview of IoT and present a panoramic view of its emerging grand vision. We will identify and discuss the challenges, issues and barriers facing the realization of the vision.  Finally, we will outline a comprehensive research agenda that highlight several areas and problems that requires further study and development and help in realizing the IoT's vision and fuller potential.

Topic Outline

1. IOT: An Overview and Outlook
               Introduction to IoT

                Architecture of IoT

                Enabling IoT Technologies

                Application Scenario

2. Challenges, Issues and Barriers

                Interoperability, reliability, compatibility, power consumption, security, privacy

3. Research Agenda

Key research topics - addressing interoperability; autonomic and self-aware IoT, IoT risks and risk management; addressing IoT Security; standardization, Energy harvesting, data management, megasystem

       4. IoT Prospects and Trends

Intended audience

This tutorial is aimed at broad range of audience: researchers, academics, computer science and IT professionals, and practitioners from business and industry. Anyone with general background in computing and IT would be able to follow.


San Murugesan is Editor in Chief of IEEE IT Professional; Editor of IEEE Computer; Director of BRITE Professional Consulting Services; and adjunct professor at University of Western Sydney, Australia. He is a corporate trainer, a consultant and an author. He is a former Senior Research Fellow of the US National Research Council, at NASA Ames Research Center, California, USA, and served in various positions at University of Western Sydney and Southern Cross University, both in Australia and at ISRO satellite Centre, Bangalore. He has considerable experience in both industry and academia, and his expertise and interests span a range of areas: Internet of Things, cloud computing, green IT, IT for emerging regions, smart systems and mobile applications.

He is a co-editor of the book, Harnessing Green IT: Principles and Practices (John Wiley, 2012), and upcoming Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing (Wiley, 2015).  He edits and contributes to the “Cloud Cover” department in Computer and serves on several committees and boards. He is Standing Chair of the new COMPSAC Symposium on IT in Practice (ITiP). He is sought after speaker and gave several seminars, keynotes and professional development programs at academic and professional meeting in several countries around the globe. He has developed and offered multilevel certification programs on green IT, cloud computing and Internet of Things for practitioners, working professionals and executives. He consults with industry, government and educational institutions. He holds Doctorate (PhD), Master in Technology, and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degrees. Dr. Murugesan is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society, a Fellow of IETE and a Senior Member of IEEE Computer Society. For further information, visit his Webpage at Website:

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