Issues and Challenges in TDMA based Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs)


Time division multiple access (TDMA) based channel access scheme is fast becoming one of the most widely used mechanisms in Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) with its efficient channel utilization primitive and collision free transmissions at its core. Design of this architecture for a single carrier is much more challenging work, where control and data communication in done through the same channel. The tutorial discusses the challenging issues such as time synchronization in a distributed environment and multi-hop environment with Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning for different types of traffic such as data, voice and video flows. The tutorial also describes the suitable frame structure design, which gives the minimal scheduling delay which is also suitable for mobile environment. The concrete open research issues and solutions to these problems are discussed in the tutorial.


The tutorial would expound the following issues, challenges and solutions to critical research problems that exist in the present TDMA based MAC protocols:

  • Architectural issues:
    • Centralized vs. Distributed implementation
    • Single hop vs. Multi hop support
    • Single carrier or multiple carriers
  • Mobility Issues:
    • Slot allocation for stationary nodes
    • Nodes moving with constant velocity
    • Random velocity
    • Collision effect with joining of two independent networks
    • Frame synchronization
    • Route break due to mobility
    • Rerouting
  • Layer2 routing advantages:
    • Cross layer support with layer2 routing
    • Slot information exchange with routing
    • AODV routing
  • Design of Multimedia support system:
    • Classification of flows
      • Data traffic
      • Voice traffic
      • Video traffic
    • Bandwidth reservation along the multi hop path
    • QoS provision
  • Clock synchronization

Intended audience:

Everyone who is interested in wireless communication and particularly has knowledge at the MAC layer protocols is invited.


Mallesham Dasari is a senior research engineer at Uurmi Systems Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad, India. He is currently working on the design of MAC layer protocols for wireless ad hoc networks particularly for defense and military communications. He has completed his bachelor’s degree and Masters from University college engineering, Osmania University before joining as part of research team at Uurmi Systems in 2012. He has published many papers in international conferences and also given number of brain storming sessions and speeches on wireless networks at the University, IDRBT Hyderabad and at Uurmi Systems. Earlier, he has research experience in video coding especially in H.264 video compression. His current research interests are on Design of MAC and Network layer protocols in wireless networks, wireless multimedia, and video over IP.

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