Antennas for Millimeter‐wave based Wireless Communications

In coming years, New Generation Wireless Networks (NGWN) are expected to provide new paradigms over the existing networks with wide variety of wireless applications in all walks of our lives and aims to provide increase in multimedia application traffic/data for billions of wireless devices (WD) with low latency, more coverage, flexible operation in different radio access technologies, reliable performance, low cost and energy efficient designs/architectures. In this perspective, progress in computational electromagnetics (EM) and advances in utilizing millimeter‐wave (MmW) radio frequency (RF) bands propelling as candidates for highresolution and high‐speed wireless systems/applications.

Antenna performance plays a critical role in determining the communication range and quality of service for WDs especially at MmWs. As devices must increasingly support challenging requirements of wideband and small product size, design becomes crucial to the success of new wireless products/applications. This tutorial offers participant’s technical insights into the vital aspects of MmW based antenna design from an academic / practical perspective particularly at unlicensed band of 60 GHz. It covers fundamental theory, concepts and definitions of the features, specifications and performance of different types of commonly‐used and advanced antennas utilizing MmWs including SAR distributions. Practical implementation strategies and approaches to overall product design for optimum antenna performance will also be presented.

Rama Rao is a Member of the IEEE (USA); Member of WWRF – Wireless World Research Forum, Member of IET (UK), Member of ACM, an IETE-India Fellow; Senior Member of ACEEE, Life Member of the ISCA, Member of IACSIT, and Life Member of Society of EMC Engineers India. He was the recipient of "Young Scientist" award for the XXVIth URSI General Assembly, University of Toronto, Canada, held during August 1999. And attended as a participant in the ‘School on Data and Multimedia Communications using Terrestrial and Satellite Radio links’ organized by the ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 7-25 Feb. 2000. IETE – India Award during IETE Diamond Jubilee year 1953-2013 for significant contributions in the field of Electronics & Communications. Dr. Rama Rao worked with Aalborg University, Denmark as ‘Research Professor’; with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain and at the University Of Sydney, Australia as ‘Visiting Professor’. Also, worked as ‘PostDoc Research Fellow’ at National Chio Tung Univeristy, Hsinchu, Taiwan. He has long-standing research history on Radiowave Propagation Studies for Mobile/Wireless Communications. His research interests are Antenna & its Applications, Broadband Wireless Communications/Networks and Mobile Cellular Telecommunications. He authored papers in reputed Journals/Transactions and International/National Conferences. For the 7th edition of IEEE ANTS (, held at SRM University, Chennai during 15-18 Dec 2013, served as ‘Co-Chair’ and functioning as Steering Committee Member for IEEE ANTS Conference.

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