A Novel Strategy for Development of Low Cost Big Data Enabled Scalable Sensor Network

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the Wired Sensor Network and Big Data connection
  • Preparation of Sensor Array with suitable analog and digital interface
  • Introduction to Single Board Controllers and Processors
  • Acquisition of Sensor Array Data using Controllers Boards
  • Introduction to Apache Hadoop, its features and architecture
  • Introduction to Apache Flume, its features and architecture
  • Creation of Remote Client Node using Hadoop and Flume on Raspberry Pi
  • Creation of Multi-Node Hadoop Master Node (Cluster)
  • Integration of Flume Source and Avro Sink Agent with Hadoop Master
  • Acquisition of Sensor Data from Remote Client(s) and its HDFS storage
  • Analysis of Sensor Data using MapReduce and Machine Learning Library
  • Discussion on this Framework for Big Data Acquisition & Processing

N S Rajput is the Principal Investigator of R&D and Technology Extension Laboratory for Networked Communication and Computation (NCC LAB), IITBHU, an initiative for inter-disciplinary R&D platform in IITBHU. He has over 14+ years of leadership, academic and research experience. He has published 15+ key research papers and has guided over 50 UG Projects, 27 PG Dissertations and 02 ongoing Doctoral works in the areas of data analysis and pattern recognition using Neural networks and Artificial Intelligence. He is a certified Big Data, Cassandra and AWS Expert from Edureka (2014). He has conducted Garuda Boot Camp – 2013 and two Institute level Summer Internship Programs – 2013 and 2014 with about 20 technology demonstration modules with about 40 student participants in each, in the areas of Network Security, Advanced Network Deployment models and Big Data Acquisition and Processing.

He is also CISO, IITBHU and Regional Registration Authority for National Computational Grid – Garuda. On behalf of the Institute and as the Principal Investigator, NCC LAB, he has also signed MoU with C-DAC, Bangalore for running Head Node at NCC LAB, for access to National Grid.  He has also signed MoU with National Knowledge Network (NKN) for the 1Gbps link for IITBHU. He is also the Co-Principal Investigator for a classified consultancy Project from LG Electronics, India for developing user centric utility apps for smart phones. In the areas of robotics and sensor networks, he also provides consultancy and guidance for laboratory development. He has also established the institute level outreach center for Remote Sensing, GPS and GIS Systems with Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). He has also received computational infrastructure (servers) from M/s Nvidia Graphics Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore. His areas of research interest are Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition on Big Data, Sensor Networks, Network Security Systems, High Altitude Platforms, and robotics.

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