The Disruptive Technologies and Platforms for transforming Indian Cities to Smart Cities

A Brief about the topics to be covered in the proposed talk

Cities across the world function with the help of multiple interconnected agencies with disparate domains. They need the ability to run as a single operational entity with a common need for the right information at the right time. This in turn has led to the evolution of smart cities concept. Smart cities are being increasingly conceptualized with all the grandness and concretized optimally through the smart leverage of proven and potential information and communication technologies (ICT) and tools. Smart cites are very much futuristic to accomplish the long-term goal of establishing and sustaining livable, lovable, and sustainable cities for providing a kind of enhanced care, choice, comfort and convenience to citizens across the globe. There are a considerable amount of inventions and improvisations being realized in the people-enabling ICT domain. The following are the key focus areas for accomplishing an objective of creating a smart city:

  • Planning and Management : Design and execute a city plan to realize full potential for citizens and business; while efficiently running daily operations
  • Infrastructures: Deliver efficient fundamental city services that make a city livable for citizens. Human Provide effective services that support the economic, social and health needs of citizens.
  • Technologies: The fast-emerging and evolving technologies such as cloud, big data, real-time analytics, ambient communication, social computing, etc.

The focus of our talk will be only on the technologies and platforms which are required for transforming cities in India to Smart Cities. The key split up of the topics will be as follows:

  1. Enabling Technologies – These will include topics which will cover several proven and promising technologies, toolsets and tips for efficiently transitioning our cities to be smart as well as for freshly establishing smart cities. Some of the key technologies which will be covered are covered cloud, mobile, big data analytics and social media analytics. The talk will cover sufficient details on each of these technologies and how they converge and collaborate with one another for building smart cities.
  2. IT Platforms and Products – Having realized the mind and market shares for smart cities, product specialists have come out with a number of smart city-specific solutions and services that simplify and streamline the process of constructing smart cities from the scratch. These products and their feature comparison will be also done as part of the talk.
  3. The Business and Technical Use Cases – smart cities is a growing collection of several modules ranging from smart grids, transportation, home, utility, healthcare ,public safety systems and smart infrastructure components . These use cases of smart cities will be also covered as part of the talk.

Intended Audience
Researchers, Data Analysts, Developers, Statisticians, Practitioners, Data architects & consultants, Solution designers and Students

Specific Goals

  • Describe the role of Cloud, Analytics, mobile and social technologies in transforming Indian cities to smart cities
  • Describe the platforms, technologies and tools available in the market for transforming Indian cities to smart cities

Speaker Profiles

Pethuru Raj PhD has been working as a cloud infrastructure architect in the IBM Global Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE), IBM India Bangalore. Previously he worked as TOGAF-certified enterprise architecture (EA) consultant in Wipro Consulting Services (WCS) Division, Bangalore. He also had a fruitful stint as a lead architect in the corporate research (CR) division of Robert Bosch, India. He has gained13 years of IT industry experience. He finished the CSIR-sponsored PhD degree in Anna University, Chennai and continued the UGC-sponsored postdoctoral research in the department of Computer Science and Automation, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore till 1999. Thereafter, he was granted a couple of international research fellowships (JSPS and JST) to work as a research scientist for 3 years in two leading Japanese universities. His technical competencies lie in service oriented architecture (SOA), cloud computing, enterprise architecture (EA), context-aware computing & machine-to-machine (M2M) integration, Big Data Analytics, Smart Cities, and business integration methods. He has been contributing book chapters for a number of high-quality technology books that are being edited by internationally acclaimed professors and professionals. The CRC Press, USA had also released his first book titled as “Cloud Enterprise Architecture” in the year 2012. He has edited a book on the title “Cloud Infrastructures for Big Data Analytics”.

Mrs. Anupama Raman is currently working as Content Lead for Smarter Cities Brand of IBM and she is a part of Software group, Industry Solutions of IBM India. Prior to this, she was working with EMC Data Storage. She is a certified Storage Area Networking expert and is also a certified Data Center Architect. She is also certified in Cloud infrastructure and Services Management. Apart from these technical certifications, in the field of writing, she is a certified Information Mapping professional and in the field of project management, she is a certified Scrum master. She holds an M.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering and is currently pursuing MBA in IT Management. She has presented and published over 20 research papers in various national and international conferences and she has also written numerous book chapters with various national and international publishers.

Dr. Pethuru Raj and Anupama Raman have jointly authored a book titled Enabling technologies and platforms for intelligent cities, which is to be published by CRC press, USA in Q1 2015.

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