Accepted Papers

1570115235 UI Design for Language Translator module in Swasthya Slate (m-Health Tool)
1570128735 A hybrid Approach to Diagnosis Tuberculosis from Sputum
1570141807 Improved retinal blood vessel segmentation under pathological conditions using matched filter and supervised machine learning techniques
1570133005 Breast Cancer Awareness Through Mobile Applications from Indian Doctors' Perspective
1570135293 Android Based Decision Making ECG Healthcare System
1570136633 TCmed - A secure Telecollaboration Network for Medical Professionals including Workflow Support and Patient Participation
1570140241 Cardiogenic Shock Monitoring System for Ambulance
1570137431 A Service Oriented Collaborative Model for Cattle Health Care System
1570149129 Multi-modal evolutionary ensemble classification in medical diagnosis problems
1570159587 Statistical Features based Epileptic Seizure EEG Detection - An Efficacy Evaluation
1570153939 Glottal pathology discrimination using ANN and SVM
1570158913 Secure Sharing of Personal Health Records on Cloud Using Key-Aggregate Cryptosystem
1570158335 Prototyping an NFC based Personal Health Device
1570152253 A Statistically Resilient Method of Weight Initialization for SFANN