Accepted Papers

Design and Implementation ofForensic Framework for Cloud in Open Stack Cloud Platform (Regular paper)
Saibharath. S and Geethakumari. G

A Case for CDN–as–a–Service in the Cloud: A Mobile Cloud Networking Argument (Regular paper)
Florian Dudouet, Piyush Harsh, Santiago Ruiz, Andre Gomes and Thomas Michael Bohnert

Study and Analysis of Various Task Scheduling Algorithms in the Cloud Computing Environment (Regular paper)
Teena Mathew, K. Chandra Sekaran and John Jose

A Robust Scheme on Proof of Data Retrievability in Cloud (Regular paper)
Nitin Singh Chauhan and Ashutosh Saxena

Biometrics Template Security on Cloud Computing (Short paper)
Heba M.Sabri, Kareem Kamal A.Ghany, Hesham A.Hefny and Nashaat Elkhameesy

A Review of Adaptive Approaches to Map Reduce Scheduling in Heterogeneous Environments (Short paper)
Nenavath Srinivas Naik, Atul Negi and V. N.Sastry