Accepted Papers

Automatic Generation of Second Image from an Image for Stereovision (Regular paper)
Deepu R, Honnaraju B and Murali S

Syntactic–Based Region Algorithm for Volumetric Segmentation (Regular paper)
Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Liana Stanescu, Marius Brezovan and Cosmin Stoica Spahiu

Comparative analysis of Indian wheat seed classification (Regular paper)
R. V.Ronge and M.M.Sardeshmukh

Efficient Method for Moving Object Detection in Cluttered Background Using Gaussian Mixture Model (Regular paper)
Dileep Kumar Yadav

Vision based Hand Gesture Recognition using Eccentric Approach for Human Computer Interaction (Regular paper)
Vishal Bhame, R. Sreemathy and Hrushikesh Dhumal

Active Principal Components of Image Histogram Sets for Affine and Non-Affine Aspects (Regular paper)
Bongkarn Homnan and Watit Benjapolakul

Performance Analysis of Possisblistic Fuzzy Clustering and Support Vector Machine in Cotton Crop Classification (Regular paper)
Madhuri Kawarkhe and Vijaya Musande

Pre–processing Image Database for Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval (Regular paper)
Kommineni Jenni and Satria Mandala

A Novel Technique of Iris Identification for Biometric Systems (Regular paper)
Vishwanath G.Garagad and Nalini C.Iyer

New Dynamic Pattern Search Based Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm (Regular paper)
Shaifali, Prof Navin Rajpal and Ravinder Purwar

Medical Image Fusion Using Combination of PCA and Wavelet Analysis (Regular paper)
Abhinav Krishn, Vikrant Bhateja, Himanshi and Akanksha Sahu