Accepted Papers

  1. Energy Efficient Compression of Shock Data Using Compressed Sensing
  2. A Discrete Krill Herd Method with Multilayer Coding Strategy for Flexible Job-Shop Scheduling Problem
  3. Fine Tuning Machine Fault Diagnosis System Towards Mission Critical Applications
  4. Path Planning of a Mobile Robot in Outdoor Terrain
  5. Prediction of Urban Sprawl Using Remote Sensing, GIS and Multi-layer Perceptron for the City Jaipur
  6. Active and entire candidate sector channel utilization based close loop antenna array amplitude control technique for UMTS and CDMA networks to counter non uniform cell breathing
  7. Contourlet and Fourier Transform Features Based 3D Face Recognition System
  8. Issues in Formant Analysis of Emotive Speech Using Vowel-like Region Onset Points
  9. An Efficient Ball and Player Detection in Broadcast Tennis Video
  10. Driver Eye State Detection Based on Minimum Intensity Projection Using Tree Based Classifiers
  11. Automated Radius Calculation Of A Turn For Navigation And Safety Enhancement In Automobiles
  12. Steady State Mean Square Analysis of Convex Combination of ZA-APA and APA for Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  13. Butterfly Mating Optimization
  14. Research and Development of Knowledge Based Intelligent Design System for Bearings Library Construction Using SOLIDWORKS API
  15. An Improved DCT Based Image Fusion Using Saturation Weighting and Joint Trilateral Filter
  16. Improved Fuzzy Image Enhancement Using L*a*b* Color Space and Edge Preservation
  17. M-SEP: A variant of SEP for WSNs
  18. Improved Phone Recognition Using Excitation Source Features
  19. Bridging the gap between Users and Recommender Systems: A change in perspective to User Profiling
  20. Optimized Defect Prediction Model Using Statistical Process Control and Correlation-based Feature Selection Method
  21. Network Monitoring & Internet Traffic Surveillance System: Issues & Challenges in India
  22. Discovering Context Using Contextual Positional Regions Based on Chains of Frequent Terms in Text Documents
  23. An L1-Method: Application to Digital Symmetric Type-II FIR Filter Design
  24. Steganalysis of LSB using Energy Function
  25. Ensemble Prefetching Through Classification Using Support Vector Machine
  26. An Intelligent Model for Privacy Preserving Data Mining: Study on Health Care Data
  27. An Encryption Technique to Thwart Android Binder Exploits
  28. An Empirical Study of OSER Evaluation with SNR for Two-Way Relaying Scheme
  29. A Hybrid Firefly Algorithm and Social Spider Algorithm for Multimodal Function
  30. Design of Fourth Order GCF Compensation Filter
  31. Online Character Recognition in Multi-lingual Framework
  32. Real Time CO2 Monitoring and Alert System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
  33. Partial Image Scrambling Using Walsh Sequency in Sinusoidal Wavelet Transform Domain
  34. An Enhancement of the MapReduce Apriori Algorithm using Vertical Data Layout and Set Theory concept of Intersection
  35. Wind Farm Potential Assessment Using Gis
  36. Structuring Reliable Distributed Storages
  37. Visualization - A Potential Alternative for Analyzing Differential Evolution Search
  38. Detection of Parkinson's Disease Using Fuzzy Inference System
  39. Real Time Water Utility Model Using GIS:A Case Study in Coimbatore District
  40. Document Classification with Hierarchically Structured Dictionaries
  41. Performance Analysis of Updating-QR Supported OLS Against Stochastic Gradient Descent
  42. Is Differential Evolution Sensitive to Pseudo Random Number Generator Quality? - An Investigation
  43. An Effective Stock Price Prediction Technique Using Hybrid Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Based on Grid Partitioning
  44. Efficient User Profiling in Twitter Social Network Using Traditional Classifiers
  45. Empirical Wavelet Transform for Improved Hyperspectral Image Classification
  46. Effect of Distance Measures on the Performance of Face Recognition using Principal Component Analysis
  47. Control of DC-DC Converter in Presence of Uncertain Dynamics
  48. Data Integration of Heterogeneous Data Sources Using QR Decomposition
  49. Feature Selection for Heart Rate Variability Based Biometric Recognition Using Genetic Algorithm
  50. An Analysis of Best Player Selection Key Performance Indicator: The Case of Indian Premier League (IPL)
  51. Intelligent system based on impedance cardiography for non invasive measurement and diagnosis
  52. Fuzzy Differential Evolution based Gateway Placements in WMN for Cost Optimization
  53. Categorisation of Supreme Court Cases Using Multiple Horizontal Thesauri
  54. Authorship Attribution Using Stylometry and Machine Learning Techniques
  55. Real time Hand Gesture Recognition for Human Computer Interaction
  56. Encoded Scene Panorama Based Information Flow in a Multi Agent System
  57. Power Efficient Routing by Load Balancing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  58. Android Smudge Attack Prevention Techniques
  59. Ranking Student Ability and Problem Difficulty using Learning Velocities
  60. Gender Profiling From PhD Theses Using k-Nearest Neighbour and Sequential Minimal Optimisation
  61. Power Budgeting and Cost Estimation for the Investment Decisions in Wireless Sensor Network Using the Energy Management Framework Aatral with the Case Study of Smart City Planning
  62. Hardware Support for Adaptive Task Scheduler in RTOS
  63. Hyperspectral Image Denoising Using Legendre-Fenchel Transform for Improved Sparsity Based Classification
  64. Analysis of Various Color Space Models on Effective Single Image Super Resolution
  65. Implementation of Mixed Signal Architecture for Compressed Sensing on ECG Signal
  66. Personalized Multi-Relational Matrix Factorization Model for Predicting Student Performance
  67. The Medical Virtual Patient Simulator (MedVPS) Platform - Embedding Simulations in End-to-End Virtual Patients
  68. Application of Hybrid Neuro-Wavelet Models for Effective Prediction of Wind Speed
  69. Towards Development of National Health Data Warehouse for Knowledge Discovery
  70. Distributed Node Fault Detection and Tolerance Algorithm for Controller Area Network
  71. Exploration of Fuzzy C Means Clustering Algorithm in External Plagiarism Detection System
  72. Network Optimization Using Femtocell Deployment At Macrocell Edge in Cognitive Environment
  73. Forensic Framework for Skype Communication
  74. Distributed Air Indexing Scheme for Full-Text Search on Multiple Wireless Channel
  75. Requirement of New Media Features for Enhancing Online Shopping Experience of Smartphone Users
  76. Level Based Anomaly Detection of Brain MR Images Using Modified Local Binary Pattern
  77. Experimental Investigation of Cyclic Variation in a Diesel Engine Using Wavelets
  78. A Concept Based Graph Model for Document Representation using Coreference Resolution
  79. An Optimization to Routing Approach under WBAN Architectural Constraints
  80. Classification of Software Project Risk Factors Using Machine Learning Approach
  81. Combined MFCC-FBCC Features for Unsupervised Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection
  82. Probabilistic Graphical Modelling for Semantic Labelling of Crowdsourced Map Data
  83. Intelligent Distributed Economic Dispatch in Smart Grids
  84. Multiple Image Characterization Techniques for Enhanced Facial Expression Recognition
  85. Adaptive Markov Model Analysis for Improving the Design of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Autopilot
  86. Formal Architecture Based Design Analysis for Certifying SWS RTOS
  87. Recognizing Individuals from Unconstrained Facial Images
  88. Analysis of Communication Delay and Packet Loss During Localization Among Mobile Robots

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