Accepted Papers




Authors with affiliation and country

An Authentication Framework for Securing Virtual Machine Migration

Santosh Kumar Majhi (Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, India); Sunil Dhal (Sri Sri University, Cuttack, India)

Decision Support System for Diagnosis and Prediction of CRF Using Random Subspace Classification

Ani R, Greeshma Sasi, Resmi Sankar U and O s Deepa (Amrita School of Engineering, India)

A Random Forest Approach for Rating-based Recommender System

Ajesh A, Jijin PS and Jayashree Nair (Amrita School of Engineering, India)

A Novel Method for Resource Discovery From a Range Based Request in a P2P Network

Krishna Prasad (Amrita Vishwavidyapeetham University, India); G. p. Sajeev (Amrita University & Govt Engineering College, India)

Anomaly Detection Based Multi Label Classification Using Association Rule Mining (ADMLCAR)

Prathibhamol Cp (Amrita University, India); Amala G s and Malavika Kapadia (Amrita School of Engineering, India)

Multi Label Classification Based on Logistic Regression (MLC-LR)

Prathibhamol Cp (Amrita University, India); Jyothy K v and Noora B (Amrita School of Engineering, India)

Attribute Reduction Based Anomaly Detection Scheme by Clustering Dependent Oversampling PCA

Asha Ashok (Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India); Smitha S and Kavya Krishna M h (Amrita School of Engineering, India)

Challenge- Response Generation Using RO-PUF with Reduced Hardware

Abhishek Kumar (Lovely Professional University, India)

ECSim:A Simulation Tool for Performance Evaluation of Erasure Coded Storage Systems

Ojus Thomas Lee (NIT Calicut & NIT Calicut, India); S D  Madhu Kumar and Priya Chandran (National Institute of Technology Calicut, India)